Juan Ruiz Computer Forensics

    John Ruiz, CCE, EnCe, DFCP, ACE, OSF CDCI, NYPD Ret.

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    As a seasoned consultant with extensive expertise in digital forensics, I have played a pivotal role in numerous high-profile cases, leveraging forensic evidence to safeguard the interests of my clients effectively. My experience spans a diverse range of legal domains, including:

    **Homicide Investigations:**

    I have collaborated on several homicide cases, meticulously analyzing digital evidence to construct compelling defensive strategies. My forensic findings have been instrumental in securing favorable outcomes for individuals facing severe charges.

    **Child Pornography Allegations:**

    With a focus on ensuring justice, I have meticulously handled dozens of cases involving allegations of possession and distribution of child pornography. My approach encompasses a thorough review of police forensic reports to identify procedural errors, coupled with detailed timeline analysis and metadata examination of photos and videos. This multifaceted scrutiny often results in exposing inaccuracies and disproving allegations against the accused.

    **Theft of Intellectual Property:**

    Through the application of advanced digital forensic methodologies, I have both proven and defended numerous cases of intellectual property theft. My techniques involve the comprehensive analysis of digital footprints, recovery of deleted files, and authentication of electronic evidence, thereby facilitating the establishment of factual clarity in complex litigation scenarios.

    **Comprehensive Legal Proceedings Experience:**

    With a robust career spanning over two decades in law enforcement and 17 years dedicated to forensic consulting, I bring a wealth of expertise to the courtroom. My extensive background ensures a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in legal proceedings, enabling me to provide unparalleled assistance and insight to support your case effectively.

    In every engagement, my commitment to detail, precision, and the application of cutting-edge forensic technologies underscores my ability to contribute decisively to the legal process, safeguarding the principles of justice and due process.

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