John Ruiz, CCE, EnCe, DFCP, ACE, OSF CDCI, NYPD Ret.

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John Ruiz is a highly qualified professional in the field of computer forensics, rendering him an exceptional choice for conducting a computer forensic case examination. With a robust background in the industry, Ruiz possesses extensive experience and a proven record of accomplishment in forensic and eDiscovery investigations. His bespoke skill set includes exceptional powers of observation, meticulous reporting, and sophisticated analytical abilities.

Ruiz possesses a comprehensive understanding of collecting, identifying, categorizing, and scrutinizing physical evidence pertaining to civil and criminal investigations involving computers, hard drives, cell phones, and tablets. He boasts profound knowledge in the realm of mobile devices, Windows and Mac operating systems, cloud-based storage, as well as forensic acquisition and analysis of social media accounts. Remarkably, Ruiz has demonstrated proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge tools such as Axiom Cyber, Encase, FTK, Cellebrite, Oxygen Forensics, OS Forensics, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, USB Detective, and other hardware products specifically designed for computer forensic examinations.

Having served as a retired New York City Police detective assigned to the computer crimes squad, Ruiz has successfully investigated and offered court testimony in numerous cybercrime cases. His track record includes providing testimony and declarations on multiple occasions, fulfilling roles as both a fact witness and an expert witness pertaining to the examination and handling of evidence.

Furthermore, Ruiz boasts extensive experience managing large-scale international projects, exemplifying his expertise in conforming to the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) process. He has been consistently retained and appointed on numerous cases by the Michigan Public Defender’s office, further underscoring his credibility and prowess in the field.

In conclusion, Ruiz’s remarkable credentials, expertise, and experience render him an ideal candidate for computer forensic case examinations. Clients can confidently rely on his proficiency and trust in his exceptional skills to adeptly handle their complex matters.

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